In this talk Thay Phap Hai shares with us how to enter through the door of signlessness in order to practice with perceptions and preconceived notions. 



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Thay Phap Dang offers a beautiful and insightful talk with Emptiness (Sunyata) as main theme.

As you listen to the Dharma Talk, allow it to wash over your like a sprinkling rain. Allow yourself to sit comfortably and follow your breathing, relaxing your body.

May this talk and your practice bring about great benefit.

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Nurturing our Roots, Strengthening our Branches, this months focus is the present moment.

In this talk Sr Kinh Nghiem (Sr Reverence) shares about the monastic practice of sharing a room, changing room and hamlets. Our sister use a Russian doll to help us go deeper into ourselves, to embrace our sorrow and to nurture our joy.

As you listen to this talk you can enjoy the natural flow of your breathing in and out of your body. May this sharing and your practice be of benefit you in your daily life.


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Brother Phap Ho is offering 6 classes during this winter retreat 2016-2017, on the first three foundations of mindfulness: body, feelings, mind. Below is a summary of the third class. The recording includes sharing and instructions, as well as practice and questions at the end. We hope you enjoy listening and practicing with us.

Here is the image, drawn on the board, regarding our consciousness and sense doors:

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2017-01-01 Venerable Phuoc Tinh

This talk was offered by Most Venerable Phuoc Tinh during our New Years Day of Mindfulness. The Venerable's teaching invites us to experience life deeply and enjoy the wonders of spring every day. 

The poem in Vietnamese is:

Ai trói lại mong cầu giải thoát
Chẳng phàm nào phải kiếm thần tiên
Vượn nhàn, ngựa mỏi, người đã lão
Như cũ am mây trang một chõng thiền.

Sister Kinh Nghiem helped translate this talk.

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