Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast - Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace. Today, we bring you Thich Nhat Hanh's new translation of the Heart Sutra as chanted by monastics at Deer Park Monastery. To read about the Heart Sutra and Thich Nhat Hanh's reasons for the new translation, head to the article at  May this new translation bring us closer to clear understanding and may everything be illuminated.

Now,  enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

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Dear friends,

Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast -- Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace.

Before the talks of the Miracle of Mindfulness Tour, the monastics offered chanting in both English and Vietnamese. Today, we offer those to you. May they fill your heart with joy and peace.

Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

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Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast. Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace. 
Over the past week, Deer Park Monastery welcomed lay friends to the Miracle of Mindfulness tour retreat. This year, the title of the retreat was, Breathe, It'll Be Okay. For this week's podcast, we offer the opening chant by the monastic brothers and sisters.  May your heart open as they invoke the name of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisatva of great compassion, 

Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply. 

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Dear friends,
Today we share songs of appreciation for our loved ones.  At a recent Day of Mindfulness, Brother Phap Ho shares a song by an late friend of Deer Park Monastery, Dennis Howard, and then, two monastics perform the Vietnamese song written for Thay's poem, A Rose For Your Pocket, a tribute to mothers. May these songs stir gratitude in your heart.  
Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.  
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Dear Friends

As summer begins, we thought we would offer a musical treat from Joe Reilly's new CD--Hello Ocean.  This CD is dedicated to the True Ocean Family who ordained as order of Interbeing Members in September of 2011.  The CD also includes a wonderful song called 'Monkey Mind' that might help you change your relationship with your own monkey mind too.   If you would like more info on how to purchase a copy of the CD, you can email Joe at 

Smiling to the Sun and the Ocean, within us and outside of us

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Wake Up!

Dear Friends,

Last night at the Dharma Nectar Hall of Lower Hamlet in Plum Village, lay and monastic practitioners from around the world gathered to concentrate our energy into a new song which could represent the Wake Up movement. Thanks to the good conditions of a visit from Joe Reilly, Melina Bondy and many talented monks, nuns and lay friends, the fruit of our practice is posted here.

To learn more, or to join the Wake Up movement look no further than the website at

For more of Joe Reilly's songs, follow the link to his website at

Open your eyes!

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A Dharmacast for Kids of all Ages: Songs of Joe Reilly

Dear Friends

In this out-of-the-ordinary edition of the Deer Park dharmacast, we would like to share two songs by singer/songwriter Joe Reilly.  Joe, a practitioner in the Plum village tradition, is a face commonly seen visiting Deer Park when his touring takes him through the region.  But his music can be heard at the monastery much more often, as his light-hearted, meaningful songs have become regular staples at any programs and retreats involving children and families. To learn more about his music please head to . The songs shared here are I Love Nature, and Peace Love and Unity, from his cd Children of the Earth.

We present these playful songs to celebrate the family retreat at Deer Park.  Relax, and enjoy.

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Discourse on Love

This week we offer a chant recorded by Sister The Nghiem of Green Mountain Dharma Center: Discourse on Love. This chant is a common one in the Pali tradition of Theravadan Buddhists. The English translation was done by our teacher Thich Nhat Hanh with the help of Plum Village monks and nuns. The text and music can be found here in PDF format.

This chant and other songs by Plum Village Monks and Nuns are on the Oasis CD.

Enjoy your breathing.

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Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation is the title of a song from the album Refuge Tree.  Please enjoy, the whole album can be purchased at the Unified Buddhist Church Gateway.  To find more information about the singer please visit Joe Reilly's webpage.

We have a week left before Thay speaks to UNESCO (Oct 7th, 2006), We can use all the help we can get to spread spread the word far and wide. 

Lyrics to Tree Meditation

No Car Day petition

UBC Gateway

A Lotus for You,
Michael Nguyen

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A little treat for the e-community.  Laura Hunter, a regular at DP loves this song and I thought it would be a nice gift.  If you have attended a retreat hosted by the Plum Village Sangha then you should be familar with this song.  For those who haven't, I am sure you will enjoy this treat!

You can order the full album "A Basket of Plums" from the UBC Gateway.

A Lotus for You,
Michael Nguyen

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