This is the First Dharma talk of the retreat offered by Sister Dang Nghiem at Deer Park Monastery on September 13, 2017. The retreat theme is Awakening the Source of Understanding. The retreat is part of the larger US Tour with the theme Awakening Together.


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Translation by Sr Bach Nghiem

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The Venerable shares his personal experience along with ancient Buddhist practice methods of successfully handling life’s changes and impermanence. Key components of this talk are creating harmony in relationships by first caring for our own body, mind and feelings. In described marriage ceremony, “mixing earth and lighting a candle” becomes a valuable metaphor of individuals coming together, transcending such differences as cultural backgrounds and race with right effort for a successful union.

We are taught to live with greater happiness by having: faith, precepts/trainings, generosity and insight. The art of happiness is a skill that takes effort; much more effort than the art of fear, despair and anger. We are encouraged to begin practicing when we’re young, to learn and mature the practice of true love, known as the 4 immeasurable minds; cultivating love for ourselves and others. By learning to love ourselves when young, we can avoid the complex of inferiority and take better care of our body, and other 4 skandhas. We learn that deep feelings of self-care are developed during childhood with parental acts of unconditional love. Our self-care and happiness are gifts for those around us.

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From Wake Up 2017 Retreat

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Sister Kinh Nghiem offers meditation of the body.

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In this talk, Brother Phap Ho shares on the theme of this year's Wake Up Retreat, Loving Yourself, Healing the World. He talks about his personal experience with mindfulness, concentration and insight emerging in the light of the four elements of love. With our daily practice guided by the Five Mindfulness Trainings, we can create healing for ourselves, for those around us, and for the wider world. Enjoy.

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Sister Kinh Nghiem offers insights on cultivating true love using the Buddha's discourse on love, and including her personal experience. She offers guidance on being at peace by utilizing loving speech and having relationships with qualities of being upright, honest, just, and humble. Weaved within the talk are practices of having reverence for the other, watering each other's positive seeds, and letting go of pride. Practical ways of applying true love are offered by using the 6 mantras.

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Thay Phap Dang shares about the thresholds into our personal practice for joy, happiness and compassion.

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2017-03-30 Thay Phap Dang

2017-03-31 OI Panel: What is OI?

2017-04-01 Question and Answer

2017-04-02 Thay Phap Hai and Karen Hilsberg

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The flowers are blooming in the hidden mountains of Deer Park. Much freshness and aliveness flows through the valley and this sharing. This is the second talk of the Spring Season offered by Sister Man Nghiem (Sr Brightness).

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