Soul of Gratitude: Retreat for People of Color Part I It has only been a week since our first DPCast but it feels as though Deer Park has been apart of my life forever.  We have had some wonderful feedback from the e-community and we have read every word!  Thank you so much for such encouraging e-mails and comments.

Not to keep you, our second DPCast is hosted by Sister Jewel.  This is the talk the Dharma Teacher Larry Ward offered on the third day of the retreat. I haven't listened to it yet, so lets breathe in together, breathe out together and enjoy this wonderful gift from the Hidden Mountains of Escondido, CA.

Be sure to check the Deer Park website for more information about living in the present moment.

Friend of DP,
Michael Nguyen
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A Hidden Treasure: Saturday Evening Guided Meditation and Chanting

Seven years ago the Deer Park Dharma Cast first started. Here is the initial episode, a hidden treasure brought to light again.

This is our first attempt, please give us feedback so we can improve upon what we offer to you and the e-community. Brother Phap Luu chants the morning chant, and Brother Phap De (right) offers a guided meditation.

In our first dpcast you'll find some chanting, sutra reading, etc...  just give it a go.

To find out more information about Deer Park Monastery itself please visit the following link.  Deer Park Monastery Website

For a pdf file of the sutra that is read on the dpcast you can download it by following this link.  Chanting P Download

Friend of DP,
Michael Nguyen

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