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Here is Verse 9:

Emptiness, signlessness, and aimlessness

liberate me from suffering,

so that in my daily practice

I am not caught in mere intellectual understanding.

Our Sister reminds us that we can learn to let go, that we already have everything we need inside of us.  We can stop running, stop aiming, and make use of what we already have.

A good reflection is to look at our life right now and find out what is making us feel not free.  

This beautiful sharing is closed with the deep insight, "Thank you for allowing myself to see myself more."


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Dear Friends

Tonight, we are introduced to the concepts that can, with practice, become our reality.  Thay Phap Hai reminds us that intellectual understanding is not one with wisdom and that whatever we learn we always have to ask 'how does this apply in my life?'  We also are introduced to interdependent co-arising which is at the core of the buddhist teaching. This is, because that is.

Verse 8

Impermanence is one with nonself.

Nonself is one with interdependent origination,

is one with emptiness, is one with conventional designation,

is one with the middle way, is one with interbeing.

Please enjoy this very deep teaching on Verse 8

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Dear Thay, Dear Sangha

Tonight's teaching is on the 7th Verse.  Thay Phap Ho shares that we can be aware that our happiness depends on my mindful attitude and not external conditions.  We review the 4 recollections and we are encouraged to seek to recognize what is bringing happiness and joy to our lives.  The Mindfulness Trainings are discussed and we can see that if we are practicing and living according to the Mindfulness Trainings we are at peace because we are not regretting anything.

Verse 7

To dwell in the present moment,

to transform all habit energies,

to give rise to understanding,

liberating ourselves from all afflictions.

The additional practice of a Minute Meditation is introduced as a means to slow down when we see that we are being carried away.  Slowing down is a compassionate teaching.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful talk

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