Dear friends,
Today, we invite you to listen to a sharing given by Brother Phap Ho at a recent Day of Mindfulness.  He invites us to join with the great activists of our time.  To clarify our volition for our lives, to be courageous with our actions, and to live in a way that cultivates compassion.  He reminds us that we need to take care with our senses as we go through this world. We all have suffering that needs to be acknowledged and cared for.  We need time and space in order to transform our suffering, to turn the compost of our lives.  The sweet fruit of our practice will manifest as we diligently walk this path together.
As Deer Park Monastery enters their winter retreat, the Dharmacast will also take a break for the holidays.  Podcasts will start again on January 17th.  We invite you to enjoy this time to retreat as well.  Brother Phap Ho gives some suggestions on how you can take a mini-retreat at home. Or you can delve into the many archived podcasts available on our website.
Remember, the Dharmacast is always here for you at, on Facebook, iTunes and Twitter.  Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.
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Dear friends, 

This week, we continue with talks given by Thich Nhat Hanh at Deer Park Monastery in October.  In this talk, Thay delves deeply into conciousness, both individual and collective.  As individuals, we can selectively water our positive seeds and take good care of our negative seeds. Thay invites us to also be selective in our relationships and the community that we live in, as they contribute to the collective conciousness that we consume every day. With this care, we can create a foundation where transformation of our suffering is possible.

Please take a moment this week to visit and donate to the building of a place where the Deer Park sisters can live. The volunteers at the Deer Park Dharmacast thank you.

Remember, you can always find the Deer Park Dharmacast at, Facebook, iTunes and Twitter.  Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

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Dear friends,

This week, we return to talks by Thich Nhat Hanh, given this October at the Deer Park retreat.   Thay shares on many interconnected topics:  the workings of our conciousness, the transformative power of volition, the importance of sangha, and how our suffering and happiness are truly inseparable. May we all recognize our mud, and the lotuses that grow from our mud. 

We so appreciate you, our dear listeners. Thank you for your love and support over the course of this year. During the month of December, we invite you to donate to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation. They are urgently needing support to break ground to build a safe, warm nunnery for our sisters at Deer Park Monastery. For more information and to donate, visit 

Remember, you can always find the Deer Park Dharmacast at, Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes. Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply. 

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